Property address: 2738 Brownsboro Rd. Louisville, KY 40206

Distances below are based on info from mapquest
Downtown in General (convention center, theaters, restaurants, etc…)
2.5 miles (5 min.)
University of Louisville
6.3 miles (10 min)
Hospitals (For our traveling nurse & medical professionals) These downtown hospitals are all lumped together so we too a central location to measure from.
VA Medical Center 1.4 miles (2 min)
Downtown Hospitals 3.7 miles (8 min): Kosair, Jewish, Norton, Kindred, Frazier, St. Jude, University of Louisville Hospital, & more
Grouping of East End Hospitals 4.6 miles (11 min): Norton Women’s, Kosair, Frazier, Jewish East, Baptist Health, Kentucky One Health, Norton, & more
Norton Audubon 5.0 miles (12 min)
Clark Memorial (Louisville)  3.3 miles (7 min)
Clark Memorial (Indiana) 4.7 miles (9 min)
9.2 miles (13 min)
Malls Louisville’s 2 most popular malls located next to one another (Mall St. Mathews & Oxmoore Center)
6.3 miles (10 min.)
Grocery Stores
Kroger    .6 miles (1 min.)
Whole Foods    4.3 miles (9 min.)
Fresh Market
Rainbow Blossom
Your located in the heart of Louisville’s restaurant scene. We provide you with a list of our local favorites for you to explore.
 One of Louisville’s nicknames is “The City of Parks” Your located less than 2 miles away from some of the best.
If mass transit is your thing, check out how we get around by city bus:  Click here to plan your bus routes
Churchill Downs
8.3 miles (13 min)